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  • • Live resolution via iChat using Cisco's WebEx communication platform.

  • • We have only State Supreme Court certified mediators.

  • • Continuing education throughout the year is required for all of our family mediators.

  • • Our family mediators are just like you as they have experienced similar situations.

  • • We are available to assist you when you need us. You simply choose the time.

  • • We are on the cutting edge with updated laws/documents as we track trends
      and changes in the statutes governing family mediation.

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Family mediation West Palm Beach FL Top 10 Reasons to Mediate

We are professional Family Mediators who specialize in family mediation services in the state of Florida. Our family mediators understand that the break-up of a family can be the most difficult decision an individual will make. This decision can involve every aspect of life. For this reason our family law mediators are sensitive to the needs and impartial to both parties.

In family mediation, opposed to litigation, we focus on the fact that the parties are on the SAME team and the goal is to create a family plan that will protect each member; Mother, Father and child
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*iMediate Inc. Family Mediation Services: Serving West Palm Beach Florida, Palm Beach Gardens FL, Jupiter FL

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