3 Reasons You Should Choose
Online Virtual Mediation


1. High Settlement Rate, Less Emotional, Cuts Costs

iMediate Inc. has a 100% settlement rate online. Mediation can be like a controlled burn. When you mediate from the comfort of your own home or office away from the opposing party, you’re taking the emotion out of it and saving costs in travel expenses.

Online Virtual Mediation means parties can be together for the mediation without the emotional tension of being in the same room together. Many attorneys like to mediate with the parties in separate rooms. THIS DOESN’T WORK. The parties need to talk the issues through in a controlled environment.

My job is to control the room and the conversation. Keeping the parties apart only perpetuates the lack of communication. When court is over the attorneys will be gone, the mediator will be gone and the parties will HAVE to communicate but they still won’t know how.

Mediation is a place to learn how to start over again and build the foundational building blocks of communication and trust. If they are not together and learning this, then they are doomed to repeat the same behavior that got them to where they currently are.


2. Safety and Security

Virtual mediation using my iChat platform was built by Cisco Communications.

So this is like Skype or FaceTime? Absolutely not! Skype and FaceTime are not secure.

Why would you want to use a video communication platform that is not secure and can be hacked. If you met in person, to conduct your divorce you wouldn’t meet in a library where everyone could hear your every word or record your conversation. You would want to meet in a secure area like a law office or courthouse where you are safe and secure, right?

With hackers these days logging in and stealing your identity, money, photos and personal information, why would you want to conduct your divorce using a non-secure platform? My platform utilizes Multilayer security validated by rigorous independent audits, including SSAE-16 and ISO 27001.


3. It’s Happening Now!

Virtual mediation is not something that might happen or might be useful in the future. It is happening right now and not just in my industry.

According to Cisco WebEx, “51 million people per month attend an online meeting. 3 billion minutes are used video conferencing and screen sharing around the world each month.”


About Matthew Brickman:

Matthew Brickman has mediated a variety of small claims, civil, and family cases that number in the hundreds. These cases have involved disputes between parents with children, construction companies and even home owners associations. He also has experience in mediating disputes amongst building contractors, small business mergers, bedding stores, auto accidents through State Farm Insurance, landscaping companies, neighbor disputes and real estate agents. His experience even extends to the landlord/tenant segment, nursing homes, disputes between insurance companies, fire departments as well as municipal disputes. As of 2017, Matthew Brickman now offers family mediation services in the Greater Fort Lauderdale and Greater Miami area with no additional travel costs.

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