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What is Family Mediation?

Family law mediation is an alternative form of conflict resolution that uses a series of mediation sessions in which an unbiased third party family mediator facilitates an exchange between two conflicting parties to help them negotiate a resolution that benefits all the parties involved.

A mediator does not offer legal advice as an attorney would, but may advise
both parties on how a courtroom would view their situation in order to reach a settlement of reasonable terms.

The Benefits of Mediation

The reason why family law mediation is superior to traditional litigation
is because it eliminates the costs, stress and embarrassment of dealing
with these matters in a traditional courtroom setting. The process keeps
both parties focused on a common goal to create a family plan that
protects every member of the family.

TOP 10 Reasons to Mediate

1. Cost

The cost of hiring an independent, unbiased mediator to assist you in designing your
own settlement is always much less than hiring multiple attorneys, accountants,
financial advisors and appraisers. Attorneys foster an adversarial approach to
resolution of issues, necessitating both sides to hire multiple specialists and pay
astronomical professional fees in order to protect legal rights, many times leaving both
parties to the dispute stripped of all financial resources. In mediation, both parties select
and split the cost of one unbiased mediator and equally unbiased accountants,
appraisers, etc. to facilitate a long-term agreement between themselves that makes the
most of financial resources for the future.

2. Build on the Positive

Mediating instead of litigating gives you the opportunity to build a positive future as you
move forward with your lives in different directions, instead of a negative one. By
conserving financial resources, communicating and showing respect instead of fighting,
taking control of your family’s future and making your own choices, and viewing your
separation from the perspective of a team instead of as adversaries, all parties can
maintain their mental, emotional and physical health and move into the future in a
positive way.

3. Control

Litigation leaves you in a position where attorneys and judges make the important long-
lasting decisions that affect you and your family. Don’t surrender your power of choice
and the control over your future. A professional mediator can help you design your
own arrangements for the future that make the most sense for your own situation.

4. It’s Easier on the Family

The break down of the family is emotionally debilitating Litigation encourages both
parties to act as enemies, making the loss of relationship even more traumatic.
Independent, unbiased mediators instead foster a collaborative relationship that allows
both parties to consider their own needs, each others’ future needs and the children’s
needs in devising a plan that makes sense for everyone without breaking the bank, or
further damaging emotional health.

5. Manages Emotions Better

Mediators believe that four stages of emotions are experienced during broken

  • A) acquaintance;
  • B) intimacy;
  • C) loss of intimacy;
  • D) business-like relationship

Attorneys will leave you at loss of intimacy and encourage adversarial
behavior. Mediators can assist in taking you to a business-like relationship that will
foster healing.


6. Easier on the Children

Litigation is adversarial and creates “sides” to be taken. Children can get caught in the
crossfire. There is no need to place your family in a gladiator arena. Transition into this
new phase of life as peacefully as possible by allowing a professional mediator to assist
you in devising a long-term “parenting plan”, rather than having custody arrangements
dictated by a court. Demonstrate to your children that even though Mom and Dad will be

living separately, they will still be Mom and Dad, and will both continue to take an active
role in continuing to parent and protect them.

7. Confidentiality

Everything said and done in mediation sessions is completely confidential. In the event
that not all issues are resolved in mediation and litigation becomes necessary, the
details do not proceed to the courtroom. Litigation is public record. Keep your life

8. Legal Information

Mediators do not have to be attorneys. Why? Because mediation does not center
around legal rights and entitlements. Although family mediators have been rigorously
trained and certified by their state’s Supreme Court, and possess significant knowledge
about family law in their jurisdictions, they do not focus on the law. Mediators, rather,
focus on the best interests of both parties to the dispute.

9. You Can Still Go to Court

Mediation is a tool to peacefully resolve issues. Not all issues, however, may be
resolved in mediation… and that’s OK. In mediation, the focus is not on individual legal rights. The focus is on everyone’s best interests.

Once you and your spouse make the
important decisions about your collective best interests, they will be presented to a
judge. You will only need to be in court to let the judge know you both agree on the
agreement you have created. If you are only concerned about what your legal rights
are, then mediation is not for you. However, you will need to surrender you rights to
control your own future to attorneys and judges.

10. Paperwork

Your professional, independent mediator will assist you in completing all required
paperwork for filing with the court during mediation. Expensive attorneys are not
necessary to complete paperwork!

Why Choose Us?

Reasons you should hire an iMediate Inc. Family Law Mediator

    • • Online dispute resolution with multiple parties via iChat.


    • • Certified State Supreme Court family law mediators.


    • • Continuing education for all of our family law mediators.


    • • Our family law mediators are experienced in many different situations.


  • • Flexible scheduling for online dispute resolution.
  • • Our family law mediators are up to date with new laws, trends and
    statutes that govern family law mediation.


iMediate Inc is an established group of experienced Family Law Mediators specializing in online dispute resolution in the state of Florida. Our family law mediators realize how difficult family disputes can be and how they can impact one’s life. As of 2017, Matthew Brickman now offers family mediation services in the Greater Fort Lauderdale and Greater Miami area with no additional travel costs.

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