Conflict Resolution Specialist

Matthew Brickman
Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator #20836CFA

2915 Tuscany Court, Suite 105,
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
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  • Professional Background

    Matthew is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator (Certificate # 20836CFA) and has been retained as a contract mediator with Martin County, Saint Lucie County, Palm Beach Gardens, Delray Beach and Downtown West Palm Beach Courthouses. Matthew also is a contract mediator for State Farm Insurance as well as hundreds of law firms around Florida.

  • Experience

    Matthew has worked as a contract mediator at numerous courthouses throughout South Florida mediating a variety of cases. Matthew mediates not only with the court and numerous law firms, but most of his work is with individuals just like you without the involvement of attorneys. Matthew mediated 112 family cases in a 3 month period during the summer of 2009 and continues to mediate on a regular basis. Matthew started iMediate Inc. in 2008 and in 2009. As of 2017, Matthew Brickman now offers family mediation services in the Greater Fort Lauderdale and Greater Miami area with no additional travel costs.

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  • Degrees

    Matthew attended Kaplan University and obtained an Associate's degree in Paralegal Studies and a Bachelor's Degree in Pre-Law with a minor in Mediation/Arbitration. He attended Concord Law School and eventually opened iMediate Inc. in Florida.

  • Training

    Dates Trainer(s) Title
    2007 Mediation Training Group County Certification – 20
    2008 Mediation Training Group Family Certification – 40
    2009 Dr. Tina Jaeckle Dependency Certification – 40
    2009 15/19 Judicial Court Continuing Ed Program General Mediator Training – 20
    2011 USF – Tampa Appellate Certification – 8
    2012 Train the Trainer – Troy Smith Trainer Certification – 20

  • Approach

    Our approach to mediation is simple. Keep the costs down. Keep the quality and professionalism up. It is our goal to move the parties through the legal process as expeditious, inexpensive and as peaceful as possible. The success of a family mediation is not at the end when the parties sign on the dotted line. A successful mediation is when the parties have crafted their own agreement that they both like and believe in resulting in no more litigation or modifications except those required (i.e. change in income to redo child support).

  • Other Information

    We are conflict management professionals with a goal of providing top-notch experienced family mediation for a reasonable cost. We live in an age of rapidly advancing technology. iMediate recognizes the need to keep up with technology by bringing the future of mediation to you today.

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  • Areas of Practice

    Automotive (73 mediated)
    Business (93 mediated)
    Civil (general) (43 mediated)
    Commercial (62 mediated)
    Community (27 mediated)
    Construction (31 mediated)
    Contracts (210 mediated)
    Divorce (all issues) (820 mediated)
    Divorce (parenting) (675 mediated)
    Employment (34 mediated)
    Family (other) (475 mediated)
    Health Care (35 mediated)
    Insurance (376 mediated)
    Landlord - Tenant/Real Estate (210 mediated)
    Marital Mediation (920 mediated)
    Online Mediation (85 mediated)

  • Professional Services

    Family Mediation Consultant
    Online Mediator

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  • References

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